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    Goldencense & CBD Isolate Tincture

    Ageless Healing

    The Golden Cream of the Kings Goldencense increases vasodilation and circulation bringing blood flow to the surface of the skin. CBD is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream where it not only affects the joints but offers pain, stress, and anxiety relief to the entire body.

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    Superfoods are powerful immune boosters, disease fighters, and clean energy boosters. Macro superfoods are beans, greens, eggs, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, etc. Micro superfoods are powdered form or the superfood condensed into a higher concentration. #PinePollen #MealReplacement #Superfood #Antioxidants #AdvancedBodyFoods #Stress #Anxiety #Performance ...
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    5 days ago

    Advanced Body Foods
    Adaptogens can increase the body’s function to an optimal level and boost performance, increase mental work capacity, and enhance overall energy. When there is imbalance in a specific area of the body, adaptogens can trigger healing, immunity, and restoration of proper function. #PinePollen #MealReplacement #Superfood #Antioxidants #AdvancedBodyFoods #Stress #Anxiety #Performance ...
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    1 week ago

    Advanced Body Foods
    Pine Pollen is great for energy, function, resistance to injury, performance, stamina, etc. The Pine Pollen has easily absorbed power-packed nutrients already compounded in a perfect form ready to be used. It has fast long-lasting results and can be taken before training or after to improve healing, balance, and function post-exercise. #PinePollen #MealReplacement #Superfood #Antioxidants #AdvancedBodyFoods #Stress #Anxiety #Performance ...
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    2 weeks ago

    Advanced Body Foods
    Superfoods in powder form are excellent to take when your stomach is empty allowing the fiber to absorb toxins and the nutrients to be absorbed or with food where it assists in the digestion and absorption process as well as assisting in moving toxins out of the body after a meal. #PinePollen #MealReplacement #Superfood #Antioxidants #AdvancedBodyFoods #Stress #Anxiety #Performance ...
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    2 weeks ago

    Advanced Body Foods
    Pine Pollen is nature’s most nutrient dense naturally compounded substance with 200+ bioactive nutrients. It has minerals, cellular substrates, vitamins, fatty acids, proteins and fiber. Since it is so rich in substance and vitamins, it can also be utilized by humans as a complete meal replacement. #PinePollen #MealReplacement #Superfood #Antioxidants #AdvancedBodyFoods #Stress #Anxiety #Performance ...
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