Weight Loss Shakes Dallas

Dr. Jack Mustard who is a licensed practicing doctor and a specialist in weight loss Dallas started sharing his products of superfoods and CBD blends to his patients in 2019 and shortly after he created the brand Advanced Body Foods. This brand was created to help maintain a proper balance of nutrients while not having to worry about breaking the bank by grocery shopping. We know weight loss shakes Dallas can be expensive and labeled as a fab diet but our brand is no where near that.

Our weight loss shakes Dallas are specially blended with various natural ingredients that have been proven to be safe and affective with the goals put forth by the consumer, one of which being weight loss. The mission Dr. Jack (along with a pharmacist and friend) has is to see as many people as they possibly can become healthy in a natural way. Each of the powder blends have their own unique jobs to help the consumer with their goal. Our Green Pine Pollen was created to help aid in not just weight loss but everything that comes along with it such as anti-aging, energy, healing, libido, sleep, training and performance, muscle strength, hormone balance, cellular health, immunity, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, inflammation, digestion. It also helps lower bad cholesterol, and prevents cell oxidation. Little known fact about weight loss, if done incorrectly your body begins to lose its most valuable source of energy because you begin to shift your levels of different vitamins and your pH Level. This is why crash diets are dangerous and is not recommended. That is why our weight loss shakes Dallas are meant for long term use, and for those with serious intentions.

Lose Weight in Dallas

The Mushroom Pollen along with the Honey Pollen blends were mixed with the intent to help those suffering from Diabetes and low blood sugar. These two blends are ideal for an alternative to sugar as well as a weight loss shake. Please note each of our powder blends can be used also as meal enhancers as well as a shake for a meal replacement. You can add the powders to your coffee, tea or water. The directions for the proper amount to mix are always printed on the front of the package, where you can also find the ingredients along with a brief description for the flavor you are using at the time.

If you are interested in trying us out, check out our one week offers. Or if you have any questions regarding Advanced Body Foods or concerns you may absolutely contact us either by giving us a call at 1-806-584-3687 or emailing us. You can find the form to send an email at the bottom of the website. Just follow the prompts and one of our employees will respond to you in a timely manner. Advanced Body Foods is not your typical health food Brand. With advanced knowledge and studies done on the topic we are more than confident that you will love the outcome once you have started our products.