The Cannabinoid Powerhouse 1000 mg Tincture enhances the effects of the Goldencense CBD Frankincense Infused Topical Cream. Below is our 1000 mg cbd tincture review:

1000 mg CBD Tincture Review

Powerhouse 1000mg CBDThe 1000 Mg Cannabinoid Powerhouse has no THC and is Tested for Quality and Purity with only CBD isolates. This is one powerful tincture and blend of cannabinoids isolated and put in 100% American Grown Help.

It can be taken as a substitute for narcotics and marijuana because it has no THC and will not test positive on a drug test.

The products are great to take before or after work, before or after a test, or before or after training only delivering maximum pain and stress relief with no side effects.

The 1000 Mg CBD Isolate Infused Hemp is a healing remedy in itself offering full body stress reduction and pain relief. Harvard studies suggest CBD itself can reduce nerve pain and reduce nerve inflammation.

It is independently tested each batch to ensure there is No THC and also the product has high levels of CBD. The CBDs are extracted using CO2 Extraction methods with no additions distillates to ensure a high quality without petroleum or toxins.


THC Free Tincture Treatment For Inflammation

The CBD 1000 Mg Powerhouse Tincture was blended to Increase the potency if needed by adding full body CBD isolates that are easily absorbed under the Tongue. The CBD 1000 Mg Powerhouse Tincture is 100% American Colorado Hemp infused with CBD Isolates, independently Lab tested for quality and purity.

Advanced Body Foods’ 1000 mg CBD tincture review

This is a great product for people with anxiety, stress, joint or neurological pain. Arthritis and joint disease also responds great with reduced inflammation, swelling and pain. This is also a great product for athletes and performance.

Those who have stressful jobs but cannot take THC products this is a perfect fit, due to not having detectable levels of THC, only Cannabinoids.

How To Take The CBD 1000 Mg Iso Tincture Powerhouse

With the 1000 MG tincture try half of one tincture to get started and build up if needed or many people take even less. The 1000 Mg Iso Tincture Powerhouse can be rubbed on muscles and tendons for pain relief, can be used post workout for relief, but also prior to a work out or stressful event to promote balance. There is no psychoactive effects or hunger pains associated with this product. Because it has absolutely no detected THC, you can enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids.