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Superfood Blends

The Natural Medicine’s of Nature

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Multi-Vitamin Minerals

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Digestion Aid

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Strength and Energy

Superfood Blends

A Superfood Blend is a broad term for fruits and vegetables from around the world including herbs, spices, and wild edibles that have medicinal or therapeutic qualities. Superfood Blends contain vital nutrients, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and proteins needed for energy, hormone balance, sleep, libido, performance, etc. Superfood Blends are densely packed with nutrients including vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, fiber, organic acids, and bioactive compounds needed for function and have been considered for thousands of years by societies around the world as “Medicines of Nature”.

Benefits of Nutrient Dense Foods

Superfood Blends have researched, documented and studied health benefits. These may include weight loss, energy, increased awareness/brain function, strength, overall health state, anti-aging etc. Many superfood blends are either known for their nutrient density or functional density (ability to create energy, mental awareness, function, power and reduce stress). Superfood Blends have macro bioactive nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats and also bioactive minerals, vitamins, and organic acids needed for optimal function, balance, and some for survival.

Food as Medicine

“Let thy Food be Thy Medicine”

Superfood Blends have vitamins and minerals in high concentration and are organized in a form where the nutrients are easily absorbed. Superfood Blends are known for beautiful colors, flavors, and tastes. Delivering health clean energy, they are packed with high levels of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals that would be found in a multivitamin like Vitamin E, C, and D. Deficiencies many times can cause dysfunction and can lead to disease. Using these superfood blends in your diet can help lower cholesterol, stress, anxiety, depression and improve mood, memory, sleep, awareness, and concentration.

A Delicious Addition

The good news is superfood blends are absolutely delicious and adding to your diet adds not only a bounty of nutrients but also great meal options as well. Using Superfood Blends in your diet is an art but can have a vast array of health benefits. Enjoy learning new ways to take these powerful health creating superfood blends.

*** Advanced Body Foods Meal Replacement Blends are condensed to powder form for easy absorption, digestion, and easy convenient use. Our blends can be put in water, tea, coffee, and shakes to enhance the nutrient component or used as a meal replacement in itself.

Adding Superfood Blends to Your Diet

Superfood Blends are powerful immune boosters, disease fighters, and clean energy boosters. Macro superfood blends are beans, greens, eggs, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, etc. Micro superfood blends are powdered form or the superfood blends condensed into a higher concentration.

Advanced Body Foods – Adaptogenic Superfood Blends Meal Replacement

Advanced Body Foods superfood blends are in a powdered, concentrated form for easy convenient use. Include Advanced Body Foods to your diet in a fasted state or when you are not eating or take with meals to enhance the nutrient content. Superfood Blends in Powder form are excellent to take when your stomach is empty allowing the fiber to absorb toxins and the nutrients to be absorbed or with food where it assists in the digestion and absorption process as well as assisting in moving toxins out of the body after a meal.


Many say health resides in the gut. Superfood Blends can improve the absorption of minerals and vitamins and rehab the digestive tract absorbing toxins and disease causing compounds. A diet that entails vegetables, legumes, fruits, and various superfood blends increases gut motility and helps expel toxins while maintaining regular motility. Organic Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen has a vast array of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, organic acids, essential proteins but also Naturally Occurring Fiber for optimal cleansing and detoxification.


Superfood Blends have properties that aid and support the immune system. Reducing the inflammation causing foods like high fat, high calorie and replacing them with superfood blends can improve the overall health of the body, reduce damage, fight off common cold and disease. Some superfood  Astragalus Root are antibacterial in nature, and other superfood like Reishi mushrooms increase or support overall immune function. Taking Superfood Blends can drastically improve the body’s overall ability to create health and maintain a powerful immune system.


Due to the properties of superfood blends, longevity and anti-aging are a known property of long term superfood blends and incorporating healthy fats into the diet. Superfoods like Organic Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen have over 200 bioactive nutrients, hormones, organic acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. We use this superfood as the base of our blends for broad spectrum support and slowed aging.