Keto S.I.T.E. Diet Protocol
(Lose 20 Pounds in 1 Month)

Woman Measuring WaistFeatures of KETO S.I.T.E. Diet:

● Lose 20 pounds plus in 20 days
● All natural – KETO and SUPERFOOD POWERED
● Developed by Jack Mustard BSDC, PA in clinical practice over a 20 years period.
● Uses weight loss catalysts and powerful natural substances to support and strengthen the body to create energy, anti oxidants and an overall enhanced mental feeling during the weight loss process.
● Easy and simple to implement
● Basics focused on the 20 plus hour outside of daily eating window of 2 – 4 hours

Steps to Using the Keto SITE
Weight Loss PROTOCOL

1. Print Off Basic SITE Protocol
2. Order Advanced Body Foods Meal Replacement Blends/ Package
3. Prepare Refrigerator with Fresh Natural Foods – Keto Friendly
4. Set Nutrition Plan Around 2 – 4 Hour Meal Window/ Day
5. Set Exercise Plan and Log for 4 – 5x Exercises per Week
6. Take Pictures and Weight with Time Stamps to keep track of Progress
7. Have Fun and Practice the 80/20, 80% Dedicated Focus, 10 – 20% Flexibility in Plan
8. Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Tell Others About Advanced Body Food

S = Superfoods

(Nutritional Support, Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Organic Acids in a Natural State and Easy to Absorb)
● Take 1-2 Teaspoons Daily or As Needed In Coffee, Tea, Water, or Shakes

Superfood Blends
Explore Superfoods

I = Intermittent Fasting

(Anti-Aging, Catalyst for Ketosis, Autophagy Cellular Cleanup, Natural Detoxification, Ketosis)

● Extended Feeding Windows with Smaller Portions
● Add Fruits and Vegetables and Quality Protein to Your 2 – 4 Four Hour Feeding Window (Keto Diet)

T = Timing/Meals

(Catalyst for Ketosis)
Eat Only in the specific time frame allotted, it is and can be different for everyone but the basics must be in place for timing to be a catalyst for weight loss. Eat with a 2 – 4 hour window daily.
Outside of these hours only Superfood Meal Replacement Blends, Coffee, Water, Tea.

E = Exercise/Energy

Diverse group of people excercising in a circle

(Stimulates Thyroid, Metabolism, Digestion, Energy Production, Brain Function)
30 – 60 Minutes 4 – 5 Times per Week
If Weak Due To Energy, Focus Workouts Around Meals
Increase Cardio for Maximized Weight Loss

Starter Package – $250 (Savings of $50 – $100)

  • 2 Superfood Meal Replacement Blends
  • 1 Bottle Frankincense Infused CBD Cream
  • 1 Bottle CBD Powerhouse Tincture Oil
  • S.I.T.E. Diet Basics and Instructions
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Virtual Consultation – WEB – $499

  • 30 – 1 Hour Depending On Need and Application
  • Dr. Jack Mustard aka The Alpha Space Cowboy Show
  • Questions/Personal Recommendations/Setting Up Weight Loss Programs/ Setting Up Training Programs/Anti-Aging/Testosterone
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