Frankincense Infused Topical Cream (Wholesale)


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500 Mg CBD Topical Cream Infused with Frankincense


No THC, Cellular Isolate for Pain and Stress Relief at the Cellular Level.
500 Mg CBD Topical Cream Infused with Frankincense

* Broad Spectrum Blend Containing .3% or less THC in accordance with State and Federal Guidelines

Goldencense CBD Cream
Bring the healing power of Frankincense to CBD, a natural oil that increases blood flow, opens capillaries, and reduces inflammation/ pain in the joints. By increasing the vasodilation (bringing the blood flow to the surface of the skin), the CBD absorbs through the skin and into the bloodstream where it not only affects the joints but offers pain, stress, anxiety relief to the entire body.

  • Used In Professional and Clinical Settings
  • Doctor Recommended and Prescribed
  • Alternative To Medical Opioids and Anti-Inflammatories
  • Pharmaceutical Grade CBD and Products
  • Tested For Quality and Purity
  • All Products Honor State and Federal THC Guidelines
  • 100% American Colorado Hemp
  • Infused with Organic Frankincense for Increased Absorption, Pain Relief, and Inflammation Reduction

Indications For Use:
Inflammation, Joint Pain, Swelling, Stress, Anxiety, Muscle Tension/Pain

May also be used Topically for Headaches, Fibromyalgia or Nerve Pain, Inflammation, Itching, Numbness, and Tingling of Skin, Trigger Points, Muscle Spasms, Plantar Fasciitis


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