CBD Isolate Tincture 1000 MG


1000 Mg CBD Isolate Tincture. A powerful blend of cannabinoids isolates, 100% American Grown Hemp.

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1000 Mg CBD Isolate Tincture
A powerful blend of cannabinoids isolated in 100% American Grown Hemp.
The CBD 1000 Mg Powerhouse Iso has no additives, dilutes, flavorings other than 100% American Hemp and Isolated Cannabinoids. This process of isolating the CBD improves the absorption on a cellular level.

Each Batch is independently tested to ensure No THC and the product has high levels of CBD. The CBDs are extracted using CO2 Extraction methods with no additional distillates to ensure a quality without petroleum or toxins.

This is a great product or natural care alternative for those with anxiety, stress, joint pain. Studies suggest Arthritis and joint disease respond with CBD use including reduced inflammation, swelling and pain.

The CBD Powerhouse 1000 MG is used by athletes for performance and endurance. The CBD Powerhouse is taken before or after testing/training for stress and anxiety.

For those who have stress but cannot take THC product does not contain any detectable levels of THC, only Cannabinoids.

Put one Dropper Under Tongue for 30 – 45 Seconds for Optimal Absorption.

* Can also be used on the face for wrinkles, anti-aging and inflammation reduction as a safe effective natural face moisturizer.

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