Meal Replacement Shakes Dallas

Are you skipping meals because you are just too tired to cook or go grocery shopping? It’s ok a lot of people do it. But it is very important for you to realize the damage you could potentially be doing to your body. With that being said instead of skipping meals have you thought about a meal replacement shakes Dallas?

Advanced Body Foods located in Amarillo TX was created by Dr. Jack Mustard in 2019 and has been distributed across the States. Dr. Jack has come up with multiple supplements and products which have proven to naturally help relieve pain and inflammation, calm stress and anxiety, increase libido, improve hormonal balance in both men and women, as well as a number of other health benefits. The fact that when you skip meals you lose out on all the proper nutrient your body craves should be enough for you to consider these meal replacement shakes Dallas.

Dallas Superfood Blends

With an assortment of different flavors for both men and women we also have one for each gender. The products here at Advanced Body Foods were created to help alleviate pain and suffering, assist in weight loss, and to improve performance. Each flavor of blends has its own unique set of ingredients to aid in this process. Our Pink Pollen was created for women not only as a meal replacement, but it can also be simply added to your coffee, tea and water or your regular meals as a meal enhancer. The directions for such are always on the labels. The Pink Pollen for women has a blend of pine pollen, tomato skin and astragalus root. This combination helps aid with overall health, balance and function. For men, we have created Red Pollen. With the same ingredients found in our Pink Pollen, this blend was created to help aid men in the proper prostate care and overall health, balance and function.

Advanced Body Foods also has blends of meal replacement shakes Dallas that could be shared, such as Blue Pollen. This powder is a blend of pine pollen, blue spirulina, and honey powder. This combination of ingredients helps with Anti-Aging, Energy and Performance. It is also to be used as a long term meal replacement and or meal enhancement. The Honey Pollen powder mix was created with those suffering from Diabetes in mind. This mix is a great alternative to regular sugar. Blended for energy and performance it also helps with Anti-Aging, weight loss, healing, muscle strength, cellular health, immunity, digestion, and most importantly blood sugar balancing.

If you have any questions regarding our products and do not see the answers on the website please do not hesitate on giving us a call. We will gladly answer all your questions. Our phone number is 1-806-584-3687. Or you can contact us via email. Scroll down to the bottom of the website and on the bottom right corner you will find a few boxes with instructions on how to reach us. We look forward to hearing from you with your comments or even concerns. But we promise the products are 100% safe, affordable and effective.