Full Spectrum vs. Isolate CBD

Put 1 to 3 Drops under the tongue for 30 – 45 Seconds for Maximum Absorption.

Hemp-derived CBD products are federally legal with less than .3 percent THC. Full Spectrum Tinctures have trace amounts of THC and countless other compounds that are beneficial to health and function including terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Full Spectrum and Isolate Cannabidiol is a great alternative for these ailments conditions and symptoms:
● Anti-seizures
Muscle Spasm Relief
Pain Relief
● Treatment for Psychotic Disorders
● Anti-Oxidants
Natural Anti-Inflammatories
Alternative To Medical Pain Medication
● Sleep, Stress, and Anxiety Conditions
● Neurological Pain (Harvard University)

* If you have a medical condition or are under the care of a physician for a medically diagnosed condition, please consult before use.

Advanced Body Foods Products – Full Spectrum vs. Isolate CBD

Advanced Body Food Products have the premier Tinctures and oils in the land featuring not only isolate CBD tested for purity and potency and the full spectrum CBD that contain trace amounts of CBD and also terpenes and other components of the plant that have medicinal properties.

Terpenes are known to have a calming effect, pain relief or analgesic effect, and can stabilize and improve mood. Although terpenes are in the flower or bud of the cannabis plant, it is filtered or distilled out in the isolate process. This is one main distinction between Full Spectrum along with trace amounts of THC.

Terpenes occur naturally in the essential oils of many botanical or essential oils. Full Spectrum Oil and Tinctures contain high terpene levels which are also seen in Black Seed Oil. Isolate CBD is the purest form of CBD. By having absolutely NO THC, Advanced Body Foods CBD Isolate 1000 Mg Powerhouse allows people to take the product who have to take drug tests and is also a great product for people who have success with CBD specially isolated in cellular form.

Isolate CBD at the right dose can offer amazing pain relief, stress relief, and also aid in natural joint anti-inflammation, performance, and function. Full Spectrum CBD is scientifically proven to be more effective in fighting pain than the isolate form of CBD.

ALL Advanced Body Food Tinctures:

● Are in 100% American Colorado Hemp Oil
● Tested For Purity and Potency
● Within State and Federal Guidelines Regarding THC
● The Premier Healing CBD Products on the Market

*** Isolated and distilled in its refined form, The Advanced Body Food CBD Isolate can offer many of the same effects Full Spectrum CBD Products. If you are required to take a Drug Test for work, Isolate CBD is an excellent choice and alternative for pain, stress, inflammation, and anxiety relief.