Syn·er·gy – “the interaction or cooperation of two or more substances or other natural agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

About The Goldencense Brand, Doctor and Vision

The Goldencense CBD Brand was created and developed by Dr. Jack Mustard BSDC, a practicing Pain, Performance and Weight Loss Specialist in Texas after years of seeing his patients in pain, suffering, and medications that cause harmful side effects.

Dr. Jack set a plan into action along with a practicing Pharmacist to develop blends of Botanicals and natural substances that enhance the effects of CBD to focus the effects of the product. Dr. Jack has a passion for seeing people feel better, have less pain, and express life at an optimal. The Goldencense Brand encompasses the experience of treating 25,000 plus people over a 15-year period reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation.